It had been weeks since our NFT marketplace was working smoothly. The guys at had implemented the features we were waiting for: Split royalties, multi-minting, low gas fees, zero platform commissions on sales… But Still, our $nftart token was near the historic low at 0.0000000005. So, Monday night I…

The art scene is not easy for Latin Americans; you have probably heard this. Our art stars are mostly white, they come from wealthy families who own art collections, and so on. It is what Pierre Bourdieu talked about in “The Heirs,” right?

But I thought, “Everything will be different in the NFT art market, which is democratic, right? Everyone is making millions”. Sure, son.

I looked like this when I joined Opensea

So, I signed up to; I…

Luis Ricardo

Luis Ricardo is an artist, teacher, researcher, and badass salesman in Puebla.

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